It’s Exclusive

Green Canary was developed to exceed the aesthetic, environmental, cost, ease of application, and longevity requirements, previously unavailable. After nearly 18 months research and development of over 200 formulations, Green Canary was created in our Silicon Valley laboratory. It is exclusively available through Green Canary and approved distributors and dealers.

It’s Safe

Green Canary is eco-friendly, operator and environmentally safe, free from hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), solvents, and other toxic and hazardous ingredients found in competitive products. Our uncompromising approach to product stewardship makes Green Canary truly unique, and safety is not just a marketing slogan to us. Green Canary has been certified by independent EPA and Cal-EPA laboratories as safe for the environment as well as for pet and human exposure.

It’s Vertically Integrated

We are the only company that develops, manufactures, markets, and applies surface preparation materials. We also train other dealers and contractors for successful implementation, worldwide. Vertical integration means that we apply our continuous learning from the field into the product. Customers benefit from the support and product improvement, receiving best-in-class performance.

It’s Sustainable

Green Canary helps to conserve water up to 70-80% and provides significant reduction in chemicals for grass and lawn maintenance. With a focused approach of employing post-consumer recycled content, organic farmed constituents, and sustainable forestry initiative certified packaging we continually promote sustainability in all aspects of the product life cycle.