For nearly a decade Green Canary has trained and supported individuals, companies, and established businesses to provide professional service and distribution of Green Canary products. With partners on all continents, regions, and throughout United States, Green Canary is the preeminent global leader in the lawn and turf colorant industry.
One Size DOES NOT Fit All
At Green Polymer Systems we do not have revenue sharing or royalty models with our partners. The following 3 packages have been put together to aid affiliates, distributors and regional partners determine their level of engagement.


Introductory Package

Designed for individuals considering the Green Canary Grass Coating as a possible service business or add-on to their existing business.


Contractor Package

Includes all of the Basic Introductory Package as well as regional exclusivity, on-site training, basic equipment, and fast-start collateral material.


Exclusive Distributor Package

Includes Intermediate Package and provides County State, or Country exclusivity, factory and regional field training, and advanced equipment, vehicles and collateral.

What’s Included


  • 4 gallons of Green Canary Concentrate delivered to lower 48 States
  • 30 Minutes of web-based live training, scheduled in advance; high speed internet required
  • 30 Minutes of question and answers, as needed
  • Basic information and introductory collateral to help start your business


  • 100 gallons of Green Canary Concentrate delivered to lower 48 States
  • 2 Days on site training (Bay Area - CA)- Off site possible, travel billed separately
  • 100 Gallon tank and powered spray systems for applying Green Canary
  • City, County, or Provence exclusivity for one year, with automatic renewal on anniversary with purchase of any product


  • Up to one full container of Green Canary Concentrate (4500 gallons)
  • 1-2 weeks in field and on-site training
  • 1-2 vehicles completely equipped with dilution and spray equipment for regional deployment (including spares)
  • City, County, or Provence exclusivity for one-to-five years, with automatic renewal on anniversary with purchase options of initial quantity GCC
  • Collateral to enable contractor including brochures, shirts, hats, signs, web-site link to Green Canary

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