Grass Painting: The eco-friendly solution to dried, dormant or diseased grass

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Green Canary Grass Painting & Coloring Treatment:
Get immediate, striking transformation of unsightly turf

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Improve Property Value, Conserve Water,
and Reduce Maintenance Costs


Green Canary is a cost effective, advanced aqueous polymer formulation for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of grass and lawns on residential and commercial properties. Green Canary is a turn key product and service that transforms dry, diseased, or dormant grass into green eye-pleasing turf. This non- toxic surface treatment is safe for children and pets, and Green Canary contains no VOCs or other environmental hazards. What’s more, Green Canary helps to conserve water, minimize maintenance, and eliminate lawn care chemicals. Costing merely a fraction of new grass and traditional upkeep, Green Canary will have you seeing green -- in your yard, as well as your pocket book.
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Benefits you won’t find
with traditional lawn painting

Green Canary, when properly applied, can provide the added benefit of preventing weeds and unwanted growth. This can reduce many man hours of weeding and chemical treatment throughout the year. Green Canary can also reduce traffic from deer, rabbits, and other wild animals attracted to unwanted vegetation. Other attributes of Green Canary include fire prevention and separation for structures in areas of high density field growth. Currently under evaluation are erosion control assessments in sloped applications.

More than a temporary solution

Grass painting has gained popularity in recent years mainly as a temporary solution for coloring dormant or dry grass in off season. But Green Canary is much more than a dye or paint, solutions that yield only temporary results. Green Canary’s exclusive aqueous polymer system is formulated to last 50% longer than conventional grass paint products and is exclusively available from Green Polymer Systems. Customized treatments are offered for aesthetic improvement, water conservation, weed and growth control as well as other surface treatments for concrete, wood, and stone.
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